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World’s largest convenience store coming to Mississippi

VICKSBURG, Miss. (VDN)-Bruc-ee’s, the worlds largest convenience store, is set to open a location in Mississippi.

The company announced it is investing $50 million to open it’s first Mississippi location in Harrison County, of the U.S. Interstate 10 Menge exit.

The board of supervisors in Harrison County agreed to invest an additional $15 million to improve the infrastructure around the area which includes expanding Menge Avenue to five lanes and lengthening the on and off ramps at the exit.

It’s first location opened in 1982 in Texas and has been a staple for the state. Since it’s opening, the expansion has grown to 40 locations across Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Texas, with a giant 74,000 square foot location opening in Tennessee.

The Mississippi project is expected to host an 80,000 square foot venue and employ 200 people.

The project will take at least another two years to complete.