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Top Gear for the Perfect Road Trip

Get out of here! Quarantine is a memory. The country is open and ready for you. The road is calling. Here’s the top gear for the perfect road trip you need to make that big trip into the new new normal even better.

Black Series HQ19 Camper

Black Series 

Ready to go all in for life on the road? This classy, 19-foot home on wheels is ready for deep adventure with a suspension system that allows each tire to move independently, sucking up the hits of rough terrain. But the real selling point is the inside—a full kitchen with stove top, refrigerator, and microwave and a full bathroom with a shower and washing machine mean you really can live wherever you park it. Solar panels keep everything running away from hookup power. $63,995;

Luno Air Mattress 2.0

Air Mattress 2.0

Looking for a way to sleep in your vehicle that won’t require a mortgage? Do it the old-school way (with a touch of class). This durable air mattress inflates right in the back of your car or truck, providing you with a comfy bed no matter where you pull over. Best of all, it comes in two sections so that you and your sleeping partner can set the firmness according to your individual preferences. $280;

Wacaco Nanopresso


Need that shot of crema-frothed goodness to get you through no matter where you wake up? Weighing less than 1 pound and fitting in the palm of your hand this portable espresso maker provides an impressive pour, with 18 bars of stable pressure at your fingertips. $65;

Loki Basecamp | Falcon 9