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City of Vicksburg to post past due fines and warrants online

In their board meeting on Monday, city leaders voted to approve a resolution allowing the City of Vicksburg to publish information on past due fines and contempt of court warrants issued for non-payment of those fines on the city website.

In the resolution, it was noted that the City of Vicksburg has over $3,000,000 in uncollected fines over the past 20 years.

The online database will list the names, city and state of residency, and the amount owed in past due fines. The website is designed to make it easier for individuals to confirm if they have outstanding balances and facilitate clearing the warrants.

While the database was approved, it is not currently active and accessible.  We will continue to keep you updated on the progress of this project.  If you currently owe fines, Vicksburg Police Department is honoring an amnesty period through Oct. 1, in which warrants will be waived for individuals that voluntarily pay the fine in full.

For more information, call Vicksburg Municipal Court Services at 601-631-3742.