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After fighting her way through recovery, Chloe gets adopted by loving family

VICKSBURG, Miss. (Vicksburg Daily News)–Chloe has been adopted by a loving family in New York and will be able to put her days of abuse behind her and begin a new life in a new home surrounded by love.

Chloe was a rescue that touched the hearts of many. Chloe was found suffering from severe wounds which left her legs rubbed raw to the bone, her flesh was rotting away and she was missing toes. Though she was a candidate for ethnicization, Chloe decided to fight her way into a full recovery.

When Jeffery Fisher with Animal Control first came upon Chloe, she was in a small cage suffering from gruesome wounds. She was taken to the Vicksburg Animal Hospital immediately. The images of what Chloe had to recover from are very graphic. The Vicksburg Animal Shelter has placed photos of her initial condition here. (Warning: Graphic images)

Chloe in recovery at the Vicksburg Animal Clinic. (Credit: Vicksburg Animal Clinic.)

Carolyn Andrews, Chloe’s caretaker at the time, originally stated that Chloe was her son’s dog, and that Chloe had come to her when her son became incarcerated.  She would later change her story and claim the dog was a stray that she was trying to help.  Judge Marcie Southerland, unimpressed with the inconsistencies in Andrews’ testimony, sentenced Andrews to six months in jail, with three suspended, as well as a $1,000 fine on top of restitution for Chloe’s medical bills.  Andrews was also prohibited from owning another animal for three years, and as a consequence, lost custody of her other dog.

Chloe took three months to heal from the surgeries and skin grafts that were involved in her treatment. Thanks to the caring members of the animal shelter, Chloe now has a new “leash” on life. Though both her foster mom in Vicksburg and her foster mom in New York had a hard time letting go of the miracle pup, Chloe is about to begin the journey she deserved from the beginning. The one of fun, laughter and love.