Common Arterial Trunk

There is one large single artery arising from the heart which then divides into the lung artery and the body artery. There is, in addition, a large hole between the two pumping chambers.

This problem allows a very high blood flow to the lung, which makes the child breathless, liable to repeated infections, and to gain weight poorly.

Initial help is given with medicines, but an operation to repair the problem is necessary within the first weeks of life.

This involves closing the hole between the pumping chambers, and taking the lung artery off the side of the body artery, connecting it with a conduit (a tube) to the right ventricle. The operation needs to be performed before the lung arteries are damaged by the high flow and a high pressure.

This is a large operation and in due course, the conduit will need to be replaced as the child grows.

Chromosome tests are often performed. Long-term follow-up and antibiotic prophylaxis is required.

Common Arterial Trunk

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