School /Teacher Information

  • Depending on the severity of the heart condition the student may need to minimise certain physical exertion. Under no circumstances should these children be forced to complete the same physical activities as other children (unless agreed by their parents and doctors)
  • Be aware that some children may encounter some difficulty with concentration or learning at school as a result of their condition or surgery.
  • Ensure all specialist teachers are briefed on these children to ensure constant care.
  • If they become tired or breathless during the school day they should be allowed to rest and monitored closely.
  • Monitor ventilation in student’s classroom.
  • Seek immediate medical assistance if the child presents as overtly unwell or complains that they are not as they should be. The causes of this could be many and varied.
  • Monitor the student during physical activities, especially a child who may have a severe heart abnormality. Ensure they are participating at the level agreed in their IEP.
  • Provide as many opportunities as possible for the student to demonstrate areas of strength while at school e.g. a student may not be allowed to participate in cross country, but they may act as official photographer of the event.
Victoria & Tasmania