Parents Information

Some of the important things you can do as a parent include:

  • Inform your child’s school about his/her medical condition.
  • Ensure all information is available and recorded in your child’s school health plan and ensure it is updated regularly and the LST / PSG advised of any changes to treatment protocols.
  • Plan medical appointments to minimise the disruption to learning.
  • Notify the teacher/s if your child is having disruptive sleep patterns as a result of their illness as they may be tired and lethargic at school and their behaviour may be different.
  • Be mindful that your child may encounter some difficulty with concentration or learning at school. This can be as a result of oxygen deficiencies as a result of their condition or as a side effect of open heart surgery.
  • Whilst many children will learn just as other children do, there is a percentage where these issues will be present. Parents should discuss and monitor this with their child’s teacher.
  • Ensure your child knows about their condition and what it means in relation to exercise and other school activities.
  • Encourage your child to exercise regularly to maintain their general health and wellbeing within the medical guidelines or advice.
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