Starting School


Most children with heart conditions can attend normal schools. Many will have had corrective surgery prior to starting school and, if this has been fully successful, the child may be able to participate in all or most aspects of school activities. In many cases, if restrictions are required, children with heart conditions will limit their own activity and there may be no need for restraint from an adult.

There is no medical reason why most children with heart conditions should not progress academically at the same pace as their classmates. However, the emotional effects associated with having a heart condition may be a very real problem for some children.

Some children may be embarrassed and sensitive about their operation scars and/or their physical limitations. It may be necessary to prepare the other children in the class and to talk about the reasons for any concerns. The child may wish to join in a class discussion and give an account of their experiences.

It is helpful to remember that every child is different and it is not possible to predict one child’s symptoms, treatment or behaviour from the experience of another.


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