Coming to Hospital

The idea of going to hospital, a place where things that we don’t understand happen, where both miracles and catastrophes occur with frequency, can be pretty daunting for adults, never mind children, but you can prepare for your visit in a number of ways.  Firstly, you can visit a new initiative on The Royal Children’s Hospital website called Howie’s Place, a joint initiative developed by HeartKids Victoria and The Royal Children’s Hospital and sponsored by The Honda Foundation. The site was specifically built to demystify the whole process of visiting hospital for examinations or tests and dispel a lot of the anxiety that families experience.

Howies Place for Families

Howies Place for Kids

Secondly, you will probably feel nervous and uncomfortable when you are speaking with your specialist so prepare a list of questions to ask before you come in.

 Car Parking at Royal Childrens Hospital

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