Our three heart children

Our story starts seven years ago with the birth of our beautiful son Kobi.  He was born the day before his due date on 19/11/07 and seemed perfect. At birth the doctors found a pulmonary stenosis. A week later we were finally told we could take him home. We have had annual check-ups and he has grown into a healthy handsome young boy who may never need surgery.

Our beautiful middle daughter is Aaliyah and she was born two weeks wks late on 29/07/12. On day three during her discharge checks the doctors found a heart defect. She had a coronary ventricular fistula and needed it repaired.  When she was six weeks old we travelled from South Australia to The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne and had her surgery. Her heart couldn’t cope and she arrested twice during surgery. Post surgery she got a blood borne Golden Staph infection. Seven weeks later we took her home. She has flourished since then and is in the 95% for her height and weight and is a little trooper.

Horseling family

We decided then that we weren’t strong enough to do it again and made the decision not to have any more children but someone had different plans and along came Isla. During my pregnancy we had extra scans to check her heart and everything seemed fine. Boy were we wrong. She was born a slight of a thing four days late on 1/11/12. She was sent home with a clean bill of health but my mother’s intuition told me something wasn’t right. At 11 days old she was diagnosed with Mitral Valve Regurgitation and a VSD. At three wks old her arms and legs turned purple and she was admitted to hospital. After two weeks of medications she seemed to be getting better but when she went to RCH for her surgery they found she had ALCAPA which the surgeons repaired. Her valve repair wasn’t successful and she got worse for two weeks on support she struggled until she had more surgery. After four weeks in ICU she finally went to the ward and she has come ahead in leaps and bounds. She will one day need her valve replaced but we hope it will be a long way off.

Yves the surgeon is our hero he has given us a life with both our girls. We still don’t know why all three of our children have CHD but know that it has helped us grow as a couple and made us stronger.

Lauren Horseling

Victoria & Tasmania