13. Xavi IMG_8326

Xavi’s Story

The Birth – 24/06/2014
On a stormy Mornington evening, Xavi Matija van der Ende was born at 38.5 weeks at 5.36pm weighing 3540 grams (7.8lb). At the time he was known as baby boy Selzer (mum & dad hadn’t agreed on a name yet). Born…

Rebecca Hill photos

My Two Boys

My story starts nearly five years ago on 28th January 2010 when I welcomed my son Deacon Peter into the world.

When I was 18 weeks pregnant with Deacon, I went for a routine scan in my home town of Wodonga and two hours later I was calle…

Horseling family

Our three heart children

Our story starts seven years ago with the birth of our beautiful son Kobi.  He was born the day before his due date on 19/11/07 and seemed perfect. At birth the doctors found a pulmonary stenosis. A week later we were finally told we could…


Lennox’s Story

Our miracle son entered this world in 2012 and changed our lives forever!

Our world started to spiral quickly out of control at 27 weeks pregnant when our son was diagnosed with a collapsed lung due to a pleural effusion. We are from …

Leah Grade 10 Leavers Dinner

Leah … From Heart Kid to Adult

There has never been a dull moment with our now 19 year old daughter, Leah. She has always been full of surprises. Even before she was born she had the doctors scratching their heads over her heart condition. At the 18 week scan, they found…

Scarlett and boys

Scarlett’s Story

The decision to have a third child was not one we took lightly. Both our boys had been born prematurely, Hunter at 31 weeks and Campbell at 34 weeks. We asked ourselves if we could go through another period of having a baby in hospital and …

Harry Munroe

Harry’s Journey

On the last Wednesday in September in 2013, our lives changed forever.  We attended our 20 week antenatal scan of our first child and the excitement of seeing our baby quickly turned sour when we were told “there is something wrong with …


Faris’ Story

Faris was born in July 2009. He came into this world a week overdue after a fairly normal pregnancy. Straight after birth he was whisked away to NICU. We had been unaware that Faris had a Congenital Heart Condition and later that day he was…

Russell and wife

Richard’s Story

I was born on the 27th May 1975 in Tasmania and was diagnosed with a congenital heart condition called Truncus Arteriosus. As the Tasmanian Bridge had been knocked down by a yacht called the Lake Illawarra in January of 1975, the only way …

Zarliya Jackson

Zarliya’s Story

My name is Zarliya and I have just turned two. I am a heart warrior, a princess and a beautiful soul, and I just happen to have Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome). My Mumma says that from the moment I was made the sun shone brighter, the stars t…

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