Grants in Aid Program 2014

HeartKids Australia is delighted to announce the research projects to be funded under their Grants-in-Aid program in 2014. The Grants-in-Aid program supports research projects and research capacity building in congenital and acquired childhood heart disease.

HeartKids Australia would like to thank Wilson HTM Foundation (the Founding Partner of this program), HCF Health Insurance ( Founding Partner of HeartKids Australia), Kiwanis Australia, HeartKids Queensland, HeartKids Victoria and HeartKids New South Wales for their support.

The seven research projects to be funded in 2014 are as follows:

Improving exercise capacity in children with a Fontan circulation after the extracardiac conduit

Investigating the need for neurodevelopmental follow-up for infants undergoing open heart surgery

Exposures during human embryo development and the risk of congenital heart defects

Family coping with child heart disease 

Infant and Family Well-being after Cardiac Surgery: The Role of Psychosocial Support

Biomarkers of parental stress after fetal diagnosis of complex congenital heart disease


Genetic testing in children at risk of heart disease

Victoria & Tasmania