Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving is the process of making regular donations to charities through your employer’s payroll system. Employers may choose to match employee donations or donate a specified amount. Together, you and your employer can make a real difference in the lives of those affected by Childhood Heart Disease.

How It Works

Workplace giving is a simple, tax efficient and cost efficient way to donate to HeartKids.

Donations are made from pre-tax pay, which is reduced by the amount of the donation – meaning that the tax deduction is immediate and guaranteed. There is no need to collect, keep and claim receipts – it couldn’t be easier!

So a $20 donation pre tax costs the donor only $13.70 after the automatic tax deduction, but HeartKids receives the full $20 (assuming a marginal tax rate of 32.5%).

Make It Happen

HeartKids can help you get involved with workplace giving. If your employer has a workplace giving program in place, you can become a workplace giving donor today.

To become a workplace giving donor fill in the form below or set up through Good2Give™. Good2Give is Charities Aid Foundations’ Workplace Giving platform where you can give pre-tax charitable donations from your salary.

Feel free to contact us on 03 9329 0446 or email about:

  • How to set up a program and get employees involved
  • How you can help in your workplace
  • Further information about workplace giving
  • Other ways to donate if your employer does not have a program in place yet

Workplace Giving Form

Yes, I would like to support HeartKids!

To authorise regular donations from your pay for HeartKids Victoria please contact us on 03 9329 0466 or email

Information for Payroll Managers

Each pay period please send HeartKids Victoria a remittance advice to process these donations. For payment and transfer of donor and donation details please contact us on 03 9329 0466 or email and we will send you all required information, including our bank account and BSB details.

Thank you.

Victoria & Tasmania