Fundraising Logo Usage Guidelines

The HeartKids logo is a valuable brand and a registered trademark. Community Fundraisers are unable to use the usual HeartKids logo, but will be provided with a HeartKids Fundraising logo.

There are two configurations of the HeartKids Fundraising logo.  Each is available in full colour and monochromatic.

Basic CMYK                                Basic CMYK

Any use of the HeartKids Fundraising logo must be approved by HeartKids and any printed material using the logo must be authorised by HeartKids prior to printing.

  • The two colours are PMS 485 for red and PMS 300 blue.
  • Always scale the HearKids Fundraising logo proportionally.

A clear space must be left around the HeartKids Fundraising logo. No other logos, images, words, borders or other design elements can encroach this space.

The logo must not be altered in any way. This includes:

  • Using any component of the logo to create a new logo
  • Using parts of the logo on their own
  • Replacing any of the text within the logo
  • Repositioning any of the components of the logo
  • Skewing or scaling the logo disproportionately
  • Rotating the logo
  • Altering any part of the logo in any way
Victoria & Tasmania