Compare & Connect

Compare and Connect Ad-page-0HeartKids is very excited about a new corporate partnership which we are developing with Compare & Connect.

Homeowners, renters and even Real Estate Agents save money by engaging Compare & Connect to complete a comparison with multiple retailers in the market.

For every new connection made, just by simply telling Compare & Connect you are from HeartKids, they will make a $40 donation to HeartKids on your behalf. Since many homes have up to four or five connections, HeartKids could earn up to $200 (or even more) whilst you save dollars on your Utility bills. It is the very definition of Win…Win…Win

Whether it is gas, electricity, telecommunications, internet, pay TV or even insurance all you need do is call Compare & Connect and they can work out which Utility Service providers on the market suit you and how you can save money….but that is not the best part. Their service even extends to the workplace. If
your business wants to save and see a donation go to HeartKids, all you need do is contact Compare & Connect and say HeartKids sent you.

We are very grateful to Chris Bartels and his team for putting this opportunity to HeartKids, our members and supporters.

So let’s all start to save and give together. Call Compare & Connect on 1300 859 258 or go on their website

Victoria & Tasmania